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Daicel Chiral HPLC Columns


Crawford Scientific supplies DAICEL chiral chromatography products, identified by the registered trademarks CHIRALCEL®, CHIRALPAK® and CROWNPAK®.

The columns are available directly from us in a range of sizes. They are supplied for applications ranging from analytical methods and quality control to preparative scale separations. Using DAICEL chiral stationary phases, more than 90% of all racemic samples can be resolved when analysed in our application laboratory.


Daicel Chiral HPLC Columns

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Extensive data collected over many years of application research have shown that the four most versatile columns CHIRALPAK®AD, CHIRALCEL®OD, CHIRALPAK®AS and CHIRALCEL®OJ, are able to resolve more than 80% of chiral compounds. Their outstanding capabilities will provide you with a powerful and unique tool.
The following column chemistries are available  

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