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Introduction to Biopharmaceutical HPLC and LC-MS Analysis

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1 Day Course

We have distilled critical knowledge of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry applications and instrumentation into our
range of exciting and interactive Short Courses. You will learn the absolute essentials of each technique and using our unique multi-media examples and tutorial exercises you will begin to use new knowledge and ideas right away.

When delivered on-site we can design the course material to suit your specific training needs. We limit numbers to 10 per course so that each delegate gets the opportunity to ask questions and fully participate in tutorial

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Introduction to Bio-Molecule Mass Spectrometry


download course pdfCourse Description

This course is suitable for those who are new to field of biopharmaceutical analysis, who come from a background of small molecule analysis or are looking for a refresher / update.

This course covers all major aspects of biopharmaceutical and biomolecule HPLC and LC-MS analysis and characterisation. We review the current and future pharmaceutical marketplace as well as examining what constitutes a biopharmaceutical, how they differ from traditional small molecules and their critical quality attributes.  We then thoroughly investigate the range of techniques required to fully characterise and analyse these molecules using a wide range chromatographic modes and detection techniques.  

Who is this course for
This course is suitable for those who are new to the field of biopharmaceutical analysis, who come from a background of small molecule analysis or are looking for a refresher / update

Previous knowledge
This course caters for all experience levels - the only advantage is to have a working knowledge of HPLC and MS

What you will learn
You will gain a thorough understanding of the biopharmaceutical market place and how they differ from conventional pharmaceuticals. You will gain a deep understanding of how biopharmaceuticals are analysed using a suite of liquid chromatography techniques and characterised using mass spectrometry

Course Content  

Biopharmaceuticals Introduction
• The marketplace
• Manufacturing processes
• Biopharmaceutical development
• Biosimilars and Biobetters
• Biopharmaceuticals overview
• Biochemistry
• Biopharmaceutical critical quality attributes

Biopharmaceutical Mass Spectrometry
• Modes of ionisation – ESI vs. MALDI
• Mass analyser requirements
• Modes of fragmentation
• Spectrum deconvolution
• Identification of modification sites

Biopharmaceutical Chromatographic Analysis:
• Sample preparation
• Proteolytic digestion
• Reversed Phase – Intact and subunits
• Reversed Phase – Peptide analysis
• Reversed Phase – Ion pair chromatography
• Reversed Phase – Amino acid analysis
• HILIC – Polar fragments and glycan analysis
• Ion Exchange – Charge variant analysis
• Size Exclusion – Aggregate and fragment analysis

Course Summary and Conclusions

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