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Agilent Biocompatibility Kit

Agilent's high quality biocompatibility kit enables a variety of LC equipment, apparatus and components to be effectively utilised in a range of biologically related applications. With needle seat and assembly, for use with PEEK seat, along with various RheFlex fittings, the biocompatibility can enhance an array of LC equipment providing added flexibility in a cost-effective manner. PEEK seat tubing, standard and loop capillaries are also included, along with relevant fittings. Additional rotor seals, solvent inlet filters and unions are provided for secure and robust performance.

Part Number Short Description ID Length Material Volume Pack Size Price Qty
5065-9972 Biocompatibility Kit for 1100/1200 Series
G1313-87104 Needle seat PEEK without capillary G1313A for BIO compatible 1100 Series LC  PEEK 1
G1313-87306 PEEK Capillary 0.25 x 160mm 0.25 mm 160 mm PEEK 1
G1313-87309 PEEK Loop Capillary for 100uL Sample G1313 PEEK 100 uL 1
G1313-87302 PEEK Seat Tubing 0.17mm id 100 mm 23uL for Bio compatible 1100 series LC  PEEK 1
0100-2231 Rotor Seal PEEK 2 grooves for 0101-0921 PEEK 1
3150-0958 Solvent Inlet Filter PTFE 10um pore PTFE 1
InfinityLab LC Supplies Brochure (12.08 MB)
Consumable items for Agilent HPLC systems
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