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Agilent Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detector (NCD) Parts

The Agilent 255 Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detector (NCD) is a nitrogen-specific detector that produces a linear and equimolar response to nitrogen compounds based on a chemiluminescent reaction of NO with ozone. Even complex sample matrices can be analyzed with little or no interference.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
G6600-67007 12 Month PM Kit RV5 Oil Pump for XCD
G6600-60038 Ceramic/Quartz Tube Kit for NCD DP Burner
G6600-80063 Dual Plasma Quartz Tube for NCD 1
G6600-60102 No PT Screen Quartz Tube of NCD Burner 1
G6600-85002 Oil Edwards Ultragrade 1L 1 L
G6600-80050 O-Ring 1.614in id Size 2-030 for SCD/NCD  1
G6600-80045 Replacement Odor Filtration Element 1
G6600-80042 Replacement Oil Coalescing Filter 1
  • Complex sample matrices can be analyzed with little or no interference
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