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Agilent UV-Visible Calibration Standards

Agilent UV-Visible calibration standards and kits provide an inexpensive and time-saving solution for calibrating and qualifying your UV-Vis instrumentation. The reference material kits were developed for analysts who need to conform closely to both quality and regulatory requirements when performing UV-Vis measurements.

Part Number Short Description Concentration Analyte Volume Price Qty
G6860-80002 Acetone Standard for UV cert. to USP857 1000 ug/g Acetone
5042-6476 Caffeine OQ/PV Standard for Dissolution Test, 150mg/L Caffeine in Water Caffeine 500 mL
9910085200 Calibrated solution validation Test kit 1pk Multi
9910084300 Cary 100300-500 calibration colored standards 4pk
9910081100 Certified diffuse reflectance standard WL + WN
190034200 Certified Reference Standard for UV Certification to USP
US-WAT042881 DG-Absorbance Detector 10mm Cell Linearity Test Kit Propyl paraben 6 x 10 mL
US-WAT042887 DG-Absorbance Detector 10mm Cell PQ Solution Multi 10 mL
5063-6503 DG-OQ/PV Standards kit-1 for UV/VIS
5063-6521 DG-OQ/PV Standards kit-2 for UV-VIS
US-WAT042879 DG-UV Detector Wavelength Accuracy Calibration Solution, 10mL 10 mL
US-WAT042885 DG-UV/Vis Absorbance Detector Wavelength Accuracy Solution, 10mL 10 mL
G6860-80001 Didymium Standard for UV Cert. to USP857
5063-6524 IQ Test Sample for UV-VIS
190032100 Neutral Density Filter set Certified UV Standard
5063-6523 OQ/PV Hardware kit for 8453 UV-VIS
G6874-80000 Specular reflectance standard NIST certified
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