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Agilent Vessel Covers

Vessel Covers from Agilent

Evaporation covers maintain volumetric accuracy of the media used during dissolution testing by slowing the amount of media lost to evaporation. A variety of evaporation covers are available to fit your apparatus and vessels. Evaporation plugs are used to minimise evaporation by sealing unused ports in the evaporation covers.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
12-6330 Evaporation Cover, for use with EaseAlign, Solid Cover for Non-Vessel Positions, 1pk
12-6327 Evaporation Cover, Low-Loss Split Hinge Design, 1pk
1400-0197 Evaporation Cover 250ml, CP
12-6315 Evaporation Cover, 200mL Kit/EaseAlign
12-6311 Evaporation Cover, Amber, with DDM Opening, for use with Ease Align Rings
12-6305 Evaporation Cover, Basket/EaseAlign
12-6300 Evaporation Cover, EaseAlign
12-6329 Evaporation Cover, Hinged, for use with resident probes
12-6320 EaseAlign Evaporation Cover, Low Actinic-Red, for 705-DS, VK7000, and VK7010, 1pk
12-6310 EaseAlign Evaporation Cover, DDM, for 705-DS, VK7000, and VK7010
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