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CHROMacademy - eLearning

HPLC| GC | Mass Spec | Sample Prep | Infrared | Bio Chromatography | Basic Labs Skills

Each channel contains e-Learning modules, webcasts, tutorials, tech tips, quick guides and interactive tools.

Used by over 27,000 chromatographers worldwide, CHROMacademy will help increase your knowledge, efficiency and productivity in the lab. With a vast library of high-quality animated and interactive e-learning topics, webcasts, tutorials and troubleshooting tools we can help you refresh your chromatography skills or learn something completely new.

What can CHROMacademy do for you?

  • Increase your knowledge base and skill set
  • Help you to develop new methods
  • Save you time and money in your lab
  • Keep you up to speed on new applications
  • Troubleshoot your HPLC and GC instruments
  • Help you become the lab expert
  • Make you more valuable to your employer

“CHROMacademy is chock full of informative and interactive modules that address virtually every aspect of modern separations. It is an indispensable tool & brilliant source for understanding the technique”
Kevin A. Schug, Ph.D.

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