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Free Chromatography Seminars from Element

Our seminars can be delivered to any size of the audience and can be ‘Lunch and Learn’ type sessions (choose 1 seminar) or half-day sessions (choose up to 3 seminars).

You will learn from chromatography experts and all of our materials are non-commercial - designed to improve your knowledge and understanding of chromatography techniques

To request a seminar please email – [email protected]

  • Improving Repeatability in HPLC analysis
  • HPLC Method Transfer – Improve your chances of success
  • HPLC Techniques in Biopharmaceutical Analysis
  • Gradient HPLC - 10 Things you Absolutely Need to Know
  • Critical Choices in HPLC - Selecting Column Stationary Phase and Dimensions
  • Developing Better HPLC Methods
  • Developing better methods for LC-MS
  • Critical Evaluation of HPLC Methods
  • HPLC Troubleshooting Masterclass (In two parts)
  • Mixed Mode Chromatography - the answer to everything?
  • Translating and Transferring HPLC Methods
  • Basics of Preparative HPLC
  • Understanding Gradient HPLC
  • Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC) and Related Techniques
  • HPLC Method Translation to Superficially Porous or Sub 2 µm Stationary HPLC phases
  • Allowable changes to Pharmacopeial Methods
  • NEW: Core-shell technology for fast HPLC
  • NEW: Basics of size exclusion chromatography
  • Improving Repeatbility in GC Analysis
  • GC Method Transfer – Improve your chances of success
  • GC Temperature Programming - 10 Things you absolutely need to know
  • Understanding and optimizing Split/Splitless Injection
  • Principles of GC Column Selection
  • Translating to Hydrogen Carrier for GC - A Practical Perspective
  • Developing Better GC methods - a blueprint
  • Critical Evaluation of GC Methods
  • Translating GC and GC-MS Methods
  • GC Troubleshooting Masterclass (in two parts)
  • Developing Fast Capillary GC
  • Understanding and optimizing GC-MS Ionisation Processes
  • Optimizing Quadrupole MS detector performance

  • Characterisation of Protein Biopharmaceuticals
  • The analysis of post-translational modifications using LC-MS/MS
  • GC-MS/MS Analysis - What you need to know
  • LC-MS Methods Parameters - Critical Evaluation
  • Optimising LC-MS and LC-MS/MS
  • The Secrets of Optimising GC-MS methods
  • Mass Analysers - Traps and TOFs
  • Quadrupole Analysers and MS/MS Analysis
  • Electron Ionisation for GC-MS
  • Electrospray Ionisation (ESI) for LC-MS
  • Understanding GC-MS Analysis
  •  Choosing the Correct Sample Preparation Technique
  • Chromatographic Method Validation
  • Understanding the Mechanisms of Solid Phase Extraction 
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