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Chromatography Troubleshooting Videos

Across Element and our chromatography training platform, CHROMacademy, we have put together loads of helpful videos, articles and content full of chromatography tips and tricks. You can also find industry-leading chromatography training elsewhere on our site. 

Get started on some below.

High Pump Backpressure.
High backpressure in a system results in the pump working under greater resistance which leads to an increased maintenance.  Learn how to locate the source of high backpressure in your HPLC system and resolve the problem in this quick video guide.



Irreproducible Retention Times.
Retention time shifts are not uncommon in GC and the magnitude of the shift can be both highly significant and problematic.  Watch this troubleshooting video guide detailing which instrument and method parameters can cause short or long-term irreproducibility, how to fix the problem, and how to avoid future occurences.



Cycling Baselines.
This video shows Tony Taylor (Technical Director, Element) explaining how to use CHROMacademy's interactive HPLC Troubleshooter.  In this video, he discusses potential causes, how they might affect the appearance of our baseline, and how to avoid problems in the future.



Peak Area Reproducibility.
Learn how to solve the problem of irreproducible peak areas and how to avoid issues in the future. Irreproducible peak areas may not be immediately noticed until your data is analyzed as the peaks themselves may exhibit good shape and consistent retention times. Variable peak areas can have numerous causes and may indicate a problem with the GC system itself.



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You can find more troubleshooting videos and much more at CHROMacademy. The worlds largest e-Learning website for analytical scientists.

  • 1000’s of eLearning topics covering HPLC / GC / Sample Prep / Mass Spec
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If you want to find out more or to organise a free demo contact the CHROMacademy team:

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