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Chromatography Consultancy Services

At Element, we have an expert in-house technical and laboratory team that supply bespoke chromatography and mass spectrometry training and consultancy.

We come from a wide-range of industries, amounting to over 200 years of combined experience in analytical chemistry. We know that you’re busy, so we offer our consultancy services to assist when you don’t have the time or expertise to implement new solutions, solve problems or improve laboratory performance. We will work alongside you, making recommendations and advising on best practice, to ensure that you gain a better appreciation and understanding during the consultation—helping you to unlock a long-term return on investment.

For over 28 years, we have been assisting our clients across the UK to solve problems and improve their laboratory performance.  The experience that we have gained will help you to quickly and effectively navigate steep learning curves, make better-informed, business-critical decisions, and overcome an array of problems.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help—contact us on 01357 522961 or e-mail [email protected] to find out more.

Method troubleshooting / method improvement (On-site or at our UK laboratories)

Problematic & poorly performing analytical methods create mounting costs as a direct result of poor lab efficiency—including lengthy re-preparations, re-runs and investigations. Together, we will identify the root causes of method problems and implement agreed solutions in partnership.

  • Solve problems with 'difficult' or critical methods
  • Solve method robustness problems
  • Solve retention time, selectivity or baseline issus
  • Overcome problems with poor quantitave performance.
  • Improve method sensitivity

Improve laboratory productivity (On-site or at our UK laboratories)

Do you want to adopt a new, more efficient technology to improve your productivity but can’t find the time? This service gets you up to speed on what’s possible and uses your existing methods to demonstrate the steps in implementing new technology. And it won’t cost you much time.

Typical examples include translation of HPLC to UHPLC methods or translating GC methods using helium carrier gas to hydrogen carrier gas.

  • HPLC to UHPLC transfer
  • Speed up methods using core shell particles
  • Speeding up GC methods with narrow bore columns
  • Helium to hydrogen method conversion
  • How to chose and employ the right sample preparation products to match your requirements

Make the most from your instrumentation (On-site)  

Ever wondered if there is more you can get from your current instruments? If you can improve the level of automation, improve analytical performance or reduce analysis and data processing time? We can help!

  • HPLC / GC and MS method review to improve throughput and/or sensitivity
  • Instrument optimisation to improve analytical throughput / reduce under-usage
  • Automated data analysis strategies to reduce data reprocessing time
  • Data processing software training / optimising integration
  • Macro writing to increase automation

MS services (On-site or at our UK laboratories)  

Do you need help using an MS detection system to improve the analytical performance? Or perhaps you seek guidance with a new instrument purchase? With our bespoke mass spectometry training and consulting—we have you covered.

  • MS source tuning and optimisation to improve sensitivity and reduce interferences
  • MS analyser tuning to improve sensitivity / specificity
  • Implementing advanced spectral experiments
  • Advice on which analyser type to purchase
  • Method review and improvement service

Developing new methods (On-site or at our UK laboratories)

For when you don’t have the time, expertise or equipment to develop a new method—Element can offer a cost-effective solution to help to bridge the gap.

  • Method development / validation protocol writing
  • HPLC, GC and MS method development & validation
  • Implementing automated method development strategies
  • Implementing computer aided optimisation in method development
  • Implementing QbD strategies for analytical method development

Method transfer (On-site)

If you are struggling with a difficult method transfer, need to transfer a method for the first time or need an independent view when problems are occurring—our highly experienced staff can help.

  • Method transfer strategy and protocol preparation
  • Troubleshooting problems with method transfer
  • Independent third party facilitation of method transfer within and between companies

Audit (On-site)

We are experienced in working with a range of business, application and legislative areas. We have seen what works and what doesn’t and can guide you through the steepest of learning curves. Why struggle to find a different way of working—let us find your solution based on what we know to be successful!

  • Technical audits of methods and methodology
  • Training audits (training needs analysis)

Technical writing (On-site)

Our staff are highly competent protocol and report writers with many scientific and business publications to our name.  We can prepare your documentation, quickly and effectively, to the required business and/or legislative standards.

  • Preparation of method development, validation and method transfer protocols and reports
  • Preparation of standard operating protocols  and instrument procedures

Software service (On-site)

Data systems are often daunting to come to terms with and optimise. Our experts can help you overcome the steep learning curve, improve your data analysis speed or write a bespoke piece of software. This allows you to acquire data and produce the reports the way you need rather than the way the instrument vendor wants you to.

  • Optimisation of data acquisition and re-processing strategies
  • Implementation of automated strategies
  • Macro writing

Vendor relationship management (On-site)  

Sometimes, you just need an independent voice to help you identify and acquire the correct instrumentation for your analyses. We have worked with a wide range of vendors over many years and can advise on which instrumentation may suit your requirements. We’ll then help you through the instrument demo process.

  • Instrument sourcing
  • Specification setting
  • Instrument demo facilitation
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