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Electronic Cigarette Analysis for Regulatory Compliance

Hall Analytical is an independent chromatography lab with over 10 years of experience in the e-cig, e-liquid, and vaping marketplace. Supporting this extensive experience is a range of instrumentation for chromatography and mass spectrometry. We offer peace of mind and confidence in the face of difficult regulatory submissions within the UK, EU, and USA.

Tobacco Product Directive (TPD2) Article 20

Since May 2016, this directive has steered EU members towards a high level of health protection for their citizens. Article 20 of the TPD applies specifically to manufacturers and importers of e-cigarettes, stating that a notification of intent to market must be submitted. This must include emissions resulting from using the product, with individual testing required on each iteration.

Hall Analytical and by extension, Element, understand that the analysis of e-cigarette components is greatly different from that of traditional tobacco products. As such, our methodologies for sample collection and extraction reflect this.

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Toxicity Assessment of Refill Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes - Download the pdf here

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