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Crawford Scientific is now Element

While our name and branding changed, you will still receive the same high level of service you have come to expect from Crawford Scientific. Our sales team, account managers, technical support, training and management team will continue to support you as they always have. You will notice some cosmetic changes to the website but all functionality will remain the same. 

To help you understand more about this acquisition, we’ve put together a list of FAQs. 

1.Who is Element?
Element is a leading global provider of Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services on a wide range of products, materials, processes and services for a diverse set of end markets, where failure in service is simply not an option. Element’s purpose is “making tomorrow safer than today”. We recognise the wider impact of what we do on the people and communities that we serve. We support customers who really care about their products and services getting to market and ensuring they are safe, fit for purpose and compliant

2. Why are we rebranding to Element?
Crawford Scientific was acquired by Element on 20 July 2021. One of the core principles that was decided when the Element brand came together in 2011, which is still a foundation for the business today, is a desire to be one global business with a shared mission, vision, values and purpose. There is more power and recognition in being one joined unit as opposed to being a collection of individual brands. We can offer our customers more services and access to more expertise under one organisation. 

3. What does rebranding mean? 
Crawford Scientific was integrated with Element. This means that you will start to see the following: 

  • Our legal name changed, and we will simply refer to ourselves as Element
  • Documentation issued by the company will now display Element branding
  • Our location will be displaying new Element signage
  • Our bank account will change
  • We will contact you from email addresses

4. What will the new legal name be? 
Our new legal name is Element Materials Technology Laboratory Solutions UK Limited, but we will simply refer ourselves to Element. 

5. Will your bank account details change? 
Yes – our bank account details changed. If you are an existing customer, your account manager or representative will advise you on these changes.

6. What date will the changes come into effect? 
The changes came into effect on 1 September 2022. 

7. Will the company number change? 
No – our company number remains the same (SC146235) 

8. Will the registered address change? 
No – our registered address remains the same Rosewell House 2A (1F) Harvest Drive Newbridge Midlothian Scotland EH28 8QJ 

9. Will any tax, billing details, etc change? 
Our email addresses changed to an email address on 1 September 2022. Our current email addresses will forward all emails to our addresses to ensure continuity of communications. All other details and how we work with you will remain the same. Our VAT number, accounts receivables and payables processes etc will remain the same. We may take the opportunity in the future to align Crawford Scientific with the wider Element group in other areas (eg. moving into the Element VAT group), but we will communicate this to you in the future if this is the case. 

10. What impact will there be on our business relationship/our way of working with you? 
This is only a change to our branding and bank account details; it does not have any impact on the business relationship you have with us. There will be no changes to the operations of the business, technical experts, equipment, quality accreditations, etc will all remain the same. All NDAs and contracts continue to remain valid. 

11. Can I still place orders like I normally do on the website? 
Yes – the functionality and use of will remain the same. On 1 September you may notice that the brand and colouring of the website will change. The website will be co-branded for a period of time, showing both Element and Crawford Scientific. The website can be accessed as normal, or via the Shop page on 

This is an exciting time for us. We are now part of Element's newly formed Life Sciences EMEAA Business Unit, increasing our capabilities and giving us the ability to offer our customers a wider range of services. Find out more about our capabilities here.

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