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Flame Ionization Detector (FID) Parts

Flame Ionization Detector (FID) Parts from Agilent

The Agilent full dynamic range FID is a state-of-the-art digital electrometer that enables a linear dynamic range of 107, for seamless integration into a single run.

The FID requires routine maintenance to ensure optimum performance. Maintenance requirements are application dependent, but Agilent recommends periodically cleaning or replacing the following items:

  • FID Jet - a plugged jet results in longer retention times as the column exit/detector pressure increases. Once the jet becomes completely plugged, it is difficult to light or sustain a flame.
  • Ignitor Glow-Plug - replace if corroded or burned out
  • FID Collector/Insulators - contamination can contribute to detector noise or loss of sensitivity
  • Column Adapter/Seals for Adaptable FID only - leaks at column fittings can result in difficulty lighting the FID or sustaining a flame after injection
Part Number Short Description Price Qty
19231-80520 1/8in FID/NPD Packed Column Adapter
8710-1346 Cleaning Brush for SSL or FID
5180-4152 Cleaning Wires 0.010in id/530um jet 5pk
5180-4150 Cleaning wires for 0.016in id jet 5pk
19231-20940 Collector nut for FID
9301-0985 FID Cleaning kit
G1531-60690 FID collector assembly, for Agilent 7890, 6890, 6850
G1531-20690 FID Collector body
G1531-20700 FID Collector Insulator, for Agilent 7890, 6890
19301-60660 FID flow measuring Insert
G3431-60680 FID Ignitor Cable
5200-0176 FID Jet, Universal Fit, 0.011 inch ID, 1pk
5200-0177 FID Jet, Universal Fit, 0.018 inch ID, 1pk
5200-0178 FID Jet, Universal Fit, 0.030 inch ID, 1pk
5182-3450 FID supplies kit
19244-80610 FID/NPD adapter for capillary column
19231-80530 FID/NPD adapter, for 1/4in packed columns
G1531-21090 Hastelloy Collector Body for the 6890/6850 FID 
19231-21060 Hastelloy FID Igniter Castle
G1531-60680 Igniter Cable Assembly
19231-60680 Ignitor Glow Plug Assembly
G1531-67000 Maintenance Kit, FID Cleaning
G1531-67001 Maintenance Kit, FID Rebuilding
8710-1561 Nut driver 1/4in for FID jets
5080-4978 O-Rings 0.070in id 0.070in cd 12pk
19231-21050 PTFE chimney flame ionization detector
5181-3311 Washer Spring 10pk
  • The most popular and versatile detector
  • Designed for maximum sensitivity and ease-of- use
  • Flame can be ignited from keyboard or automatically
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