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Agilent GS-OxyPLOT GC Columns

Agilent J&W GS-OxyPLOT is suitable for ASTM methods for oxygenates and is a good alternative to GC columns with gas-liquid phases such as TCEP that are often used for similar applications. GS-OxyPLOT has an upper temperature limit of 350°C and exhibits none of the bleed that is normally associated with liquid- and siloxane-coated GC columns. With our advanced dynamic coating process, the GS-OxyPLOT stationary phase exhibits excellent stability with virtually no detector spiking due to stationary phase particle shedding.

Part Number Short Description Phase ID Length Type Material Price Qty
115-4912E GS-OxyPLOT, 10m x 0.53mm, 5in cage GS-OxyPLOT 0.53 mm 10 m 5 inch Fused Silica
115-4912 GS-OxyPLOT, 10m x 0.53mm, 7in cage GS-OxyPLOT 0.53 mm 10 m 7 inch Fused Silica
  • Accurate analysis of ppm/ppb level oxygenates in C1 – C10 hydrocarbons
  • Strong selectivity for a wide range of oxygenates (ethers, alcohols, aldehydes, and ketones) in complex matrices such as gaseous hydrocarbons, motor fuels, and crude oil
  • Suitable for ASTM methods for oxygenates
  • Very high column stability (upper temperature limit of 350°C) with no column bleed
  • Stable phase coating virtually eliminating particle generation and detector spiking
  • Excellent for low concentration, quantitative GC analysis
  • Ideal for selective heart-cutting applications


A 7 inch cage is the most common GC column format, compatible with Agilent 5890, 6890, 7820, 7890, 8860, and 8890 series GC systems, and all non-Agilent GC systems with a similarly sized oven. The 5 inch cage format is designed for smaller GC ovens e.g. for the Agilent GC 6850.

GS-OxyPLOT Temperature Specifications

ID 0.53 mm
Length 10 m
Temperature Limits 350°C 
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