HALO® Fused-Core® HPLC Columns.

Now exclusively available in the UK from Crawford Scientific.

The solution for every separation challenge, regardless of complexity. Develop high-resolution HPLC/UHPLC separations at high-speed with HALO® columns.

Optimise experiments and quickly collect data.


For the fast separation of a few compounds to more complex, natural product samples.

HALO® Small Molecule »


With both tailored particle and pore-size options, Bioclass® solve the characterization challenges of complex separations.

HALO® BioClass Columns »

Are we in danger of forgetting the advantages which core-shell particles can bring to methods which still use fully porous particles?

Why hasn’t everyone migrated their methods to this superior technology?

Our Technical Director Tony Taylor investigates.

Have we forgotten the advantages of core-shell particles? »

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