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High Temperature GC Column Phase Equivalency Tables

High Temperature GC Columns

Agilent J&W high temperature GC columns feature high temperature polyimide that can operate in temperatures of up to 400°C. They combine robustness with advanced surface deactivation for improved column lifetime and peak shape.

Agilent USP Similar Restek SGE OhioValley Phenomenex Machery-Nagel Supelco Alltech Quadrex PerkinElmer Thermo
DB-1HT G1, G2, G38 Rxi-1HT     ZB-1HT     AT-1ht 007-1HT Elite-1ht  
DB-5ht, VF-5ht G27, G36, G41 Rxi-5HT HT5   ZB-5HT OPTIMA 5 HT HT-5 (aluminum clad)   007-5HT Elite-5ht TG-5HT
DB-17ht G3               007-50HT Elite 17ht  

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