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HPLC Operator

1 Day

This one-day course provides a step-by-step approach to setting up and performing an HPLC analysis

Using a typical HPLC-UV method, we carefully work through the key aspects of reviewing the method, preparing mobile phase, setting up the instrumentation, running the sequence and basic interpretation of results. There is a strong focus on building working practices that minimise common errors.

This course provides an invaluable introduction to the technique for those with limited experience, teaching you how to run methods efficiently and avoid unnecessary down time. The focus is firmly on establishing working practices, with minimal explanation of the HPLC process.

  • An understanding of each of the parameters in a typical HPLC method
  • How these parameters work in practice
  • How to use this knowledge to setup an HPLC system and method in a way that minimises errors and maximises efficiency

Method Review and Workflow Planning

  • Overview of the reversed phase HPLC process
  • Typical method parameters
  • Instrumentation / equipment
  • Capturing the process in a lab book
  • Calculations for reagents and standards
  • System settings
  • Checklist

Solution Preparation

  • Buffer, salts and hydrates
  • pH adjustment
  • Mixing and filtration
  • Sample preparation

System Set-up

  • System checks
  • Priming the system
  • Fittings and tubing
  • Column installation
  • System equilibration
  • Order of analysis, sequence

Running the Sequences

  • What tests should we perform
  • Error reduction during vialing up
  • Pre-sequence checks

Results and Basic Calculations

  • Integration
  • Introduction to System suitability
  • Single point (proportional) calibration
  • Calculations
  • Reporting

This course is suited to anyone new to HPLC or early in their HPLC career.

No prior knowledge is required for this course.

Basic Lab Skills

Understanding HPLC

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