HPLC Operator - Online Training Course

Course Summary

Our HPLC Operator course takes you through the workflow of setting up and running an HPLC analysis. Starting with an overview of the HPLC system itself we will then take you through each parameter of method step by step. We will give you a deeper understanding of what you perform day-to-day, improving your knowledge and confidence, with many practical tips that help improve efficiency and reduce errors. This course is not instrument-specific.

  • HPLC system overview
  • Mobile phase
  • Column
  • Test solutions
  • System Suitability (SST)


This is an online course, delivered live, and led by one of our trainers. The course will run for 4 hours (including a couple of breaks). It includes workshops and you have the chance to ask questions throughout the session. Every attendee gets a certificate of attendance and, even better, free access to the technical experts at Crawford Scientific.

What you will learn

  • An understanding of each of the parameters in a typical HPLC method
  • How these parameters work in practice
  • How to use this knowledge to setup up and HPLC system and method in a way that minimises errors and maximises efficiency

Who this course for

This course is for anyone using HPLC, providing a clear explanation of all method parameters, suitable for providing a foundation for beginners and greater understanding for experienced users. We explain why each parameter is there, what it does and some of the effects – positive and negative, of modifying the parameter.

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