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Sign up to our HPLC Training Courses in December 2023

Improve your HPLC troubleshooting and HPLC method development skills.

  • HPLC Troubleshooting: November 29th - 30th 2023  |  9am - 1pm EST
  • HPLC Method Development: December 4th - 5th 2023  |  9am - 1pm EST

Staff are the most valuable asset in an optimal laboratory. Whether you provide analysis for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, environmental, chemicals, or consumer product industries, our courses improve HPLC workflows. 

Training your staff effectively protects revenues, with reduced errors, downtime, and troubleshooting taking up valuable analysis time. For only $400/seat, send your staff on this course and improve your analytical outcomes. 

HPLC Troubleshooting


November 29th - 30th 2023  |  9am - 1pm EST
This training course seeks to develop a process driven approach to troubleshooting, allowing delegates to develop the skills to tackle any problems.

HPLC Method Development


December 4th - 5th 2023  |  9am - 1pm EST
For the experienced chromatographer, this course provides a comprehensive, process-driven approach to the development of an optimal and robust HPLC method.

Training from Element Lab Solutions

We have been training across all things chromatography for 25 years, with a focus on practical tuition that empowers delegates to apply their knowledge in the lab. We are also the brains behind CHROMacademy, a leading online training resource for analytical sciences. 

Not only are our trainers expert practitioners in all the techniques they teach, but they are skilled and experienced educators. 

We have a catalog of over 20 training courses covering all aspects of HPLC, GC, Mass Spec, and other essential lab skills. 

Course Instructors

Colin Towers, Technical Support Chemist

Colin spent 18 years as a bench analyst in regulated private contract research, initially in routine testing, then progressing to senior roles in method development and validation. This was supplemented by 3 years lecturing in analytical toxicology and 3 years working as a community pharmacist. He has been in his current role as a senior technical support chemist for a further 10 years, supporting challenging applications and providing professional training to all sectors of analytical chemistry. Highly experienced in developing and troubleshooting HPLC, GC, LC-MS, GC-MS and sample prep methods.

Gilles Beck, PhD
Training & Technical Consultant
Element Materials Technology

Gilles joined the training team at Crawford in 2019 after an academic spell that focused on plant secondary metabolite profiling by LC-MS (MSc on flavonoids, PhD on isoprenoids). Gilles then started supporting analysts on the continent and the UK, developing an expertise in HILIC, chiral chromatography and achiral SFC. Now his true hidden love is innovative sample prep on complex matrices.

Phil Aston, Training & Technical Consultant, Element Lab Solutions

Phil is an experienced technician with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Chemistry, NMR Spectroscopy, Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS), Spectroscopy, and Protein Purification. Strong engineering professional with a M.Sc. focused in Instrumental and Analytical Methods in Biological and Environmental Chemistry from University of Warwick.

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