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LC Unions

LC Unions from Agilent

Agilent manufacture a range of high quality LC Unions suitable for a range of equipment and applications. A range of unions are available depending on the LC application required; the true ZDV union (no fittings) for nano LC, the ZDV union (with fittings) for standard LC, the ZDV union (PEEK with fittings) for bio-applications and the high flow union (no fittings) for prep LC. In addition, the stainless steel universal ZDV union (no fittings) can be utilized in capillary, nano and standard LC applications. A range of supplies are also available including various adapters, barbed Y-connectors, T-connectors and tubing.

Part Number Short Description Material Price Qty
5023-3093 Adapter Nut, Flat Bottom, 1/4-28-M, 5/16-24-F, SS Stainless Steel
0100-2298 Adapter PEEK internal 1/4-28 to external 10-32 PEEK
5067-6127 Blank nut long
0100-1847 FittingAdapter female to female 1000psi PEEK
5022-2133 High Flow SS union No Fittings Stainless Steel
5042-8517 PEEK Adapter Female 10-32 to Female 1/4-28 PEEK
5042-8518 PEEK Adapter male luer to female 1/4-28 PEEK
5042-8519 PEEK Micro T-Connector swept volume 29nL PEEK
0100-2410 PEEK Union for 1/8in od Tubing PEEK
5065-9971 PP Barbed Y-Connector for 3/16in id Tube Polypropylene
5023-1803 SS Adapter female/male 10-32 to 1/4-28 Stainless Steel
0100-0900 SS Union 1/16in Zero Dead Volume with fittings Stainless Steel
5022-2184 SS Union stand LC flow no fittings Stainless Steel
5022-2144 T-connector PEEK for 1/16in od, Swept Volume 0.57uL PEEK
5022-2145 True ZDV Union Stainless Steel
0100-2441 ZDV union PEEK with Fittings PEEK
InfinityLab LC Supplies Brochure (12.08 MB)
Consumable items for Agilent LC systems
Agilent LC Capillaries Selection Guide (744.80 kB)

Contains information on choosing the correct capillaries for your Agilent LC system

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