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Advanced Materials Technology

Element is the UK's main distributor of Advanced Materials Technology HALO® HPLC columns. The HALO® Fused-Core columns are able to perform competitively versus sub-2 µm fully porous columns and substantially outperform 3 and 5 µm fully porous columns delivering the goal of increased performance without the consequence of high back pressures. 

Advanced Materials Technology HALO® HPLC Columns 

Find a selection of columns suitable for small molecule and biochromatography applications scalable from capillary to analytical to semi-prep dimensions. Not sure how these columns can assist your separations? Then talk to our knowledgeable team who can provide guidance. 

DandyVice from Advanced Materials Technology

Say goodbye to syringe filtration hand cramps with the DandyVice. Read more about it here

HALO® Reversed Phase HPLC Columns


HALO® Biochromatography HPLC Columns

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HALO® Application-Specific HPLC Columns

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