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YMC is a leading manufacturer of HPLC and UHPLC columns. Element stocks a selection of analytical, biochromatography, and chiral columns to suit a range of separation needs. Our technical team can advise you on our full range of YMC HPLC columns. 


YMC HPLC Columns

YMC provide chromatographic solutions to labs around the world. Element stocks YMC columns in the following categories:

Best Selling YMC Columns & Accessories

About YMC

YMC is a leading specialist supplier of high performance products for liquid chromatography, with headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, and with subsidiaries in Europe.

As a leading global supplier of high performance products for liquid chromatography, YMC is always striving to be highly innovative. The most recent and interesting premium products from YMC include:

pH and temperature stable (U)HPLC columns and bulk phases: YMC-Triart

Applications using 100% aqueous solvents as well as the separation of similar substances are possible. This allows the whole range of substance polarity to be analysed. Full scalability ensures up- and down-scaling from UHPLC ↔ HPLC ↔ prep scale. Now available in 6 different selectivities for analytical applications. Bulk media in 10, 15, or 20 µm makes YMC-Triart support available in large quantities for process separations.

Coated and immobilised polysaccharides: CHIRAL ART Polysaccharides

For use in normal phase, reversed phase, polar organic and SFC modes with remarkable stability. Available in prepacked columns with 3 or 5 µm particles as well as in multi-kilogram bulk scale materials with 10 or 20 µm particles at extremely attractive, competitive prices.

YMC Nano/MicroLC columns

Highly efficient separations using small sample sizes and low flow rates with Nano- or MicroLC/MS systems with high sensitivity are now possible with YMC capillary columns. Available packed with every YMC reversed phase, normal phase /HILIC stationary phase in very robust column hardware. The choice of standard 1/16 inch or 1/32 inch fittings allows these columns to be used in all Nano- or MicroLC systems.


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