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Operating and Understanding GC

1 Day

This 1 day course introduces the GC system taking you from system set-up to shutdown and covering each component in turn.

The fundamental concepts of GC are explained alongside this to build understanding and confidence in running GC analysis.

Basics of the chromatographic process, inlet systems, column and detector selection are important topics covered to give the participant a thorough grounding in the technique. Instrument hardware is also covered with basic troubleshooting and maintenance tips as well as an introduction to data processing.


●      How to set-up a GC system

●      Basics of the chromatographic process

●      Sample introduction

●      Columns and temperature programming

●      Measuring and optimising chromatographic parameters

The Chromatographic Process

  • Capacity Factor, Selectivity, Efficiency, Resolution

Gas Supply

  • Cylinders and generators
  • Gas traps
  • Flowrate
  • Electronic pneumatic controllers
  • Constant Flow vs Constant Pressure


  • Syringes
  • Injection and wash programs


  • Split/Splitless Sample Introduction
  • Liners
  • Other Injection Systems


  • Column dimensions
  • Column chemistries
  • Ferrules
  • Column protection
  • Temperature programming


  • FID
  • ECD
  • TCD
  • Other detectors

Using the Instrument

  • Setup and start-up process with checks
  • Avoiding problems

Data Processing

  • Integration
  • Calibration
  • Introduction to System Suitability Testing

This course is suited to anyone new to GC or early in their GC career. No prior knowledge is required for this course.

GC Troubleshooting

GC Method Development

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