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Other Chromatography Courses

Bespoke Chromatography Training

In addition to our standard HPLC, GC and LC-MS courses, our technical team has specialist expertise in delivering training on a variety of chromatography techniques, equipment or software packages. We can create a chromatography course tailored to your specific needs and deliver onsite or offsite at one of our training facilities.

If you need specific chromatography training, we can likely deliver a solution that works for you.

Analytical Method Validation

Calibration and Quantitation


Forced Degradation

Fundamental ICP-MS

Optimising Sample Preparation

Statistics for Analytical Chemists

Advanced Statistics


Element is the brains behind CHROMacademy, the eLearning platform used by 80,000 chromatographers worldwide. Between our bank of HPLC learning content, interactive HPLC troubleshooter, and Bootcamps (endorsed by RSC and ACS) it offers everything you need to gain skills and knowledge in HPLC. Increase competence and empower and watch your workflows improve. 

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