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Polyurethane Foam Analysis – CertiPUR/EuroPUR

CertiPUR and EuroPUR testing

Our sister company, Hall Analytical, is a world leader in polyurethane foam (PU foam) investigation matrices. This allows for the analysis of extractable organic components, e.g. prohibited additives and residual compounds. Alongside Europur, we have undertaken numerous development projects, designed to assess and optimise these investigations.

Under the CertiPUR™® (EuroPUR) and CertiPUR-US ® product standard schemes, we are fully certified to undertake these analyses. These guidelines were informed by the global foam industry and in conjunction with key players in the mattress and upholstered furniture industries and associated thought leaders.

We have the requisite equipment and know-how for analysing flexible PU foam for a variety of industries.

Find out more at the Hall Analytical website.

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