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220-MS Ion trap

220-MS Parts and supplies from Agilent

The 220-MS is a high sensitivity, flexible gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer that delivers outstanding qualitative and quantitative data in a range of applications. This simple and robust system is easy to operate and maintain.

  • Accurately identify and quantify trace analytes
  • Take advantage of powerful CI and MS/MS upgrades for advanced applications
  • Spend less time on maintenance and more time on analysis
Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
393031501 Electron Multiplier Assembly for the 220 Ion Trap GC/MS  1
392043700 Ion Trap Filament disk assembly 1pk 1
393060191 Ion Trap Filament Disk Assembly with Wires
393011391 Kit 2x0-MS Supplies with DS102 oil Non Hazardous
Agilent GC Columns & Supplies Brochure (55.19 MB)

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