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240-MS Ion Trap

240-MS Ion Trap Parts and Supplies from Agilent

The Agilent 240-MS Ion Trap delivers unparalleled capabilities for both research and routine applications. Advanced ionization, including positive and negative chemical ionization, improves selectivity and limits of detection. Enhanced scanning techniques ensure compound confirmation. The MS/MS and MSn reduce matrix influences and provide more detailed structural information. The software comes with a full complement of productivity, reporting, and regulatory compliance tools.

  • Accurate identification and quantification of trace analytes
  • Unsurpassed sensitivity (200 femtogram OFN full scan)
  • Choice of internal or external ionization configurations
  • Powerful MS/MS and CI options
  • Low maintenance and high reliability
  • Intuitive software for increased productivity
Part Number Short Description Material Pack Size Price Qty
393164493 Assembly 4x00 Silco End Cap with Plug Field 1
393161001 Assembly Filament 4000/240MS External 1
392017401 Assembly Filament Disk Long
393171201 Assembly Tip Transferline Int Cleaned
393010924 Quad-Ring Top Flange 7.484 id
393010920 Quad-ring, Xferline to man.,1.925 id
393010918 Quad-ring, Xferline, 1.112 id
393053502 Quartz Spacer Silica Coated
393167593 RF Electrode 4x00 Silco Clean Field Methyl Deactivated UltiMetal
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