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Agilent Paddles

All paddles are serialized and designed to meet USP specifications for Apparatus 2. Each paddle includes an individual Certificate of Conformance as standard. Select from electropolished stainless steel, PTFE-coated or the biocompatible, chemically inert PEEK (polyetheretherketone) paddles in a range of sizes. Additionally, mini and mega paddles for small- and large-volume dissolution testing are available.

Switching between paddles and baskets is simple with Agilent’s two-piece interchangeable paddle/basket shafts. Rather than resetting the height of the individual shafts when you change between paddles and baskets, the upper receptor shaft stays securely in place, while the lower interchangeable paddle or basket shaft can be switched for your specific testing needs. The paddle and basket shaft assemblies are designed with height offsets so that the proper height is maintained after the changeover.

These shafts are manufactured to meet or exceed the USP specifications and precisely engineered, minimizing the risk of cross threading and ensuring a secure connection. In addition, the attachment area remains out of the media so there is less chance for contamination and corrosion. Further, each component is serialized for traceability. The 708-DS can also be used with single-piece basket and paddle shafts. The minimum shaft length required is 21 inches.

Part Number Short Description Material Length Price Qty
13-3593 Mini Paddle, 14.5in, E-polished, with Certificate E-polished 14.5 in
13-3592 Mini Paddle, 14.5in, PTFE Coated, with Certificate PTFE Coated 14.5 in
14-3599 Mini Paddle, 24in, PTFE Coated PTFE Coated 24 in
14-3608 Mini Paddle, Spin On/Off, E-polished E-polished Spin On/Off
14-3607 Mini Paddle, Spin On/Off, PTFE Coated PTFE Coated Spin On/Off
14-1449 Mini Paddle, Spin On/Off, SS, 250mL, CP Stainless steel Spin On/Off
14-3590 Paddle, 14.5in, E-polished E-polished 14.5 in
14-3591 Paddle, 14.5in, PEEK PEEK 14.5 in
14-3589 Paddle, 14.5in, PTFE Coated PTFE Coated 14.5 in
14-3595 Paddle, 21in, E-polished E-polished 21 in
14-3594 Paddle, 21in, PTFE Coated PTFE Coated 21 in
14-3600 Paddle, 24in, E-polished E-polished 24 in
14-3597 Paddle, 24in, E-polished E-polished 24 in
13-3598 Paddle, 24in, PEEK PEEK 24 in
13-3596 Paddle, 24in, PTFE Coated, with Certificate PTFE Coated 24 in
14-3603 Paddle, Spin On/Off, E-polished, 1L E-polished Spin On/Off
16-3603 Paddle, Spin On/Off, E-polished, 1L, 6pk E-polished Spin On/Off
14-3605 Paddle, Spin On/Off, E-polished, 2L E-polished Spin On/Off
14-3606 Paddle, Spin On/Off, PEEK, 1L PEEK Spin On/Off
14-3602 Paddle, Spin On/Off, PTFE Coated, 1L PTFE Coated Spin On/Off
16-3602 Paddle, Spin On/Off, PTFE Coated, 1L, 6pk PTFE Coated Spin On/Off
14-3604 Paddle, Spin On/Off, PTFE Coated, 2L PTFE Coated Spin On/Off
  • One-piece paddles in standard, customize-coated, mini and mega sizes are serialized and designed to meet USP specifications for Apparatus 2
  • Two-piece interchangeable paddle/basket shafts for easy switching of Apparatus 1 and 2 testing
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