Carbowax 20M

Carbowax 20M GC Columns from Agilent

Agilent J&W Carbowax 20M are polyethylene glycol (PEG) columns equivalent to USP phase G16. Their temperature range of 60 to 220 ºC is ideal for alcohols, free acid, ether, glycol, and solvents. Carbowax 20M are not bonded or cross-linked and so solvent rinsing is not recommended.

Carbowax 20M All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.

  • Polyethylene glycol, MW 20,000
  • Equivalent to USP Phase G16
  • Because the Carbowax 20M are not bonded or cross-linked, we do not recommend solvent rinsing.
  • Each Agilent J&W GC column is tested with the tightest industry QC specifications for column bleed, sensitivity, and efficiency to provide you utmost confidence in qualitative and quantitative results
  • For details about the QC test conditions including the test probe mixture and the resulting chromatogram, please refer to the Agilent J&W GC Column Performance Summary shipped with each GC column
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Carbowax 20M Temperature Specifications

ID (mm) 0.25 – 0.32 mm
Length (m) 30 – 60 m
Film (µm) 0.25 µm
Temperature Limits (°C) 60 – 220/240 °C

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