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Agilent Speciality GC Columns

Agilent Technologies offer a wide range of high quality GC columns which are optimised for specific applications. Our speciality columns include;

Environmental Analysis Columns:

EPA 502.2,Dioxi,EPA 6251625 8270 (semi-volatiles), and CLP (DB5.625),EUPAH,EPA 8270D, Pesticides (9 EPA Dual Pesticides Methods, CLP1 & CLP 2), EPA methods 502.2, 524.2 and 8260 (HP-VOC), Organochlorine Pesticides, PAH

Life Sciences:

Blood Alcohol Analysis, Fast residual Solvents (G43 equivalent), Drugs of Abuse

Petrochemical & Chemical Analysis:

Select Mineral Oil, Sim Dis, Biodiesel, MTBE, TPH, Biodiesel EN14103 FAME Analysis, Biodiesel EN14105 Free/Total Glycerin, Biodiesel ASTM D6584 Free/Total Glycerin, EN14110 Residual Methanol, EN14103 FAME Analysis, Xylenes, Silanes, Volatile amines, Mineral Oils, Propylene Oxide Impurities (PROPOX), Cresols, TCEP, PONA, PIANO, PNA, Sulfur (SCD) ASTM D 5623 and 5504

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