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GC Supplies

Everything we do is underpinned by quality, from the products we sell to our people and processes. We offer competitive prices on leading manufacturers, Agilent, Gerstel and Ohio Valley (OVSC). 

Our extensive portfolio of high-quality instrument parts and generic gas chromatography supplies are designed to ensure performance and productivity for your day to day activities. Coupled with our experienced technical team, which all Element customers have direct access to, we can set you up to succeed in your gas chromatography. 


Capillary Tubing

A range of capillary tubing parts and kits manufactured to high levels of quality and performance


We provide a range of detector maintenance parts manufactured to high levels of quality and performance

Ferrules & Connectors

A variety of column ferrules are available to meet your application requirements

Gas Management Supplies

Purification is one of the most important steps you can take to optimize your system performance

GC-MS Supplies

Achieve optimal GC-MS results by maintaining your system properly with our range of GC-MS supplies

Liners & Sealing Systems

Inlet liners and sealing systems from Agilent and Gerstel

Inlet Septa

Maintain leak-free seals and exclude air from inlets with a variety of products for inlet types and analysis needs


A range of parts are available for cool on-column inlets, multimode inlets, PTV inlets, purged packed inlets and split/splitless inlets

Intuvo Supplies

Intuvo removes existing operational limitations, encouraging you to re-imagine workflows, efficiencies, and outcomes

Sample Introduction

We provide a range of sample introduction parts manufactured to high levels of quality and performance

GC Syringes

With a broad selection of syringes for manual and auto-injectors, we have what you need for accurate and effective sampling

All Element customers gain direct access to our technical team

Come to us with any problems with your GC products, methods, or instruments

We are the UK's leading supplier of GC supplies because we care. Our technical support is something that we take great pride in offering to all of our customers because it helps them to improve their analytical outcomes. Our technical team have decades of experience in various labs and they are dedicated to helping you with whatever you need.

Come to us with troubleshooting issues, product queries, method enquiries, and more. We are here only to help you. 

Read our technical GC blog

Gas chromatography may not be the most challenging technique but it still comes with a host of problems. That's the life of a chromatographer! Read our technical blog on all things GC—practice, methods, columns, and troubleshooting. 

GC Column Selection

Not sure which is the best GC column for your needs? Speak to our technical teamand get some guidance to help you improve your gas chromastography outcomes and get the most out of the products you buy.

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