Ferrules for Thermo GC Systems

Column Ferrules for Thermo Scientific GC Systems from Agilent

Agilent high-performance column ferrules for Thermo Scientific GC systems are supplied in graphite or vespel/graphite. All of which create consistent, leak-free seals with minimum torque, so you can trust Agilent's column ferrules to operate efficiently with your Thermo Scientific GC system. All Agilent column ferrules accommodate various column outer diameters and can withstand temperature cycling. In addition, the specially designed ferrules prevent sticking to columns or other fittings.

Ferrules for Thermo GC Systems

  • All column ferrules are non-stick, provide a leak-free seal, accommodate various column outer diameters, and withstand temperature cycling
  • Graphite ferrules provide an easy-to-use and highly stable seal, boast a high temperature limit and can be removed easily
  • Graphite/Polyimide ferrules are mechanically robust and maintain effectiveness over a long lifetime
  • To ensure performance and longevity, column ferrules should be replaced at the same time as columns, and when performing column maintenance 

Ferrule Selection Recommendations

Ferrule Type Upper Temp Limit Usages Advantages Limitations



450 °C
  • General purpose for capillary columns
  • Suitable for FID and NPD
  • Recommended for high temperature and cool on-column applications
  • Easy-to-use stable seal
  • Higher temperature limit
  • Can be removed easily
  • Not for MS or oxygen-sensitive detectors
  • Soft, easily deformed or destroyed
  • Possible system contamination



350 °C
  • General purpose for capillary columns
  • Recommended for MS and oxygen-sensitive detectors
  • Most reliable leak-free connection
  • Mechanically robust
  • Long lifetime
  • Not reusable
  • Flows at elevated temperature
  • Must re-tighten frequently