Nuts for Agilent GC Systems

Column Nuts from Agilent

One of the most basic tasks in GC, installing the column, can be very challenging. The GC oven is a dark, small space, and column installation uses some very tiny parts that need to be assembled with precision. Installation of the column into both the inlet and detector must be done properly to get accurate and reproducible results.

Agilent offers a selection of capillary column nuts for GC fittings to facilitate good column installation. Our latest innovation, the Self Tightening column nut, prevents leaking and the need to retighten when using graphite/polyimide blend ferrules recommended for use with oxygen sensitive detectors such as ECD or Mass Spec.

Nuts for Agilent GC Systems


Self Tightening Column Nut

This unique, self-tightening stainless steel GC column nut delivers a tight connection – without expensive upgrades or adaptors – and gives you the advantages of:

  • Reliable performance: An innovative spring-driven piston continuously presses against the short graphite/polyimide ferrule – maintaining a leak-free seal even after hundreds of injections
  • Less wasted time: No need to retighten after repeated thermal cycles
  • Ease of use: Finger-tight design lets anyone in your lab make consistent connections reliably without tools
  • Faster maintenance: The low-torque seal prevents ferrules from sticking or crumbling