Nuts for Shimadzu GC Systems

Column Nuts for Shimadzu GC Systems from Agilent

Agilent capillary column nuts for GC fittings facilitate good column installation. They are manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure robust performance in daily use, so keep some spares handy to limit downtime in your lab.

Agilent offers a selection of capillary column nuts for Shimadzu GC. Our latest innovation, the Self Tightening column nut, prevents leaking and the need to re-tighten when using graphite/vespel blend ferrules recommended for use with oxygen sensitive detectors such as ECD or mass spectrometers.

Nuts for Shimadzu GC Systems


Self Tightening Nut

  • Maintained a leak-free seal for more than 150 injections without the need of operator intervention to re-tighten fittings on a Shimadzu QP-2010 GC/MS platform
  • Finger-tight design lets anyone make quality, consistent connections without tools
  • Low-torque seal prevents ferrules from sticking or crumbling in the fitting or nut
  • Lower column bleed: by preventing exposure to oxygen from leaks, column lifetime is extended