Ferrules for Agilent GC Systems

Ferrules for Agilent GC Systems

A variety of column ferrules are available to meet your application requirements, including 100% graphite, 100% polyimide, graphite/polyimide, UltiMetal Plus and gold-plated flexible metal ferrules.

Using the wrong ferrule or a worn-out ferrule to seal your column connection can result in inconsistent and unreliable chromatography. An improper ferrule can cause leaks, which allow air and other contaminants to enter the instrument through the column seal, causing major interference with column and detector performance.  The ideal ferrule provides a leak-free seal, accommodates various column outer diameters, seals with minimum torque, withstands temperature cycling, and does not stick to the column or fittings.  For optimum performance, ferrules should be replaced every time the column is replaced and when performing column maintenance.

Agilent UltiMetal Plus and gold-plated Flexible Metal ferrules are composed of stainless steel and coated to ensure complete inertness. Their unique mechanical design ensures a tight-leak free connection.  Each sized Flexible Metal ferrule is uniquely designed to prevent inventory mix ups, and to help you find the ferrule you need quickly.

With the novel design of our proprietary Flexible Metal ferrule, you can confidently make leak free column connections. For inert inlet and detector connections, Agilent recommends using our UltiMetal Plus coated ferrules. While our gold-plated ferrules ensure a tight, leak-free connection with your capillary flow technology (CFT) devices. Thanks to the soft, forming nature of gold, these ferrules prevent microleaks caused by scratches and striations in a used CFT device. These top notch metal ferrules fix the problems of column breakage, leaky connections and damaged fittings experienced with other metal ferrules, while providing key benefits – ease of use and inertness!

Ferrules for Agilent GC Systems


Graphite, Polyimide and Graphite/Polyimide Ferrules

  • Standard fitting for Agilent GC inlet and detectors (FID, NPD, ECD) column connections use short ferrules and the Universal nut
  • Pre-conditioned graphite/vespel ferrules are recommended with MSD Interface nut
  • FactorFour, CP and VF brand columns made prior to 2013 have a larger od and require a 0.5 mm ferrule for 0.1-0.25mm columns. The column test chromatogram confirms the ferrule size needed.

UltiMetal Plus and Gold-plated Flexible Metal Ferrules

  • Novel design stainless steel ferrule with reduced mass and stiffness giving flexibility to gently compress around column, reducing both column breakage and damage to the fitting common with other metal ferrules
  • Tighter ID tolerances accommodates a wider range of column tubing, reducing scrap and allowing consistent seals
  • Wide opening and new dial pack design allows touchless installation as column is threaded through ferrule easily
  • UltiMetal Plus deactivation provides inert surface for analysis of active analytes at trace levels
  • Gold-plated ferrules are designed for Capillary Flow Technology devices - recommended for CFT backflush, effluent splitting, retention gap connections,  GC by GC, Dean switch, or LTM column connections
  • Visual distinction - physically unique design for each part number within the family prevents inventory mix-ups, increasing confidence
  • A set of ferrules with hole sizes to accommodate all Agilent capillary columns, including UltiMetal columns, plus a no hole, or plug ferrule to address all application needs

Ferrule Selection Recommendations

Ferrule Type Upper Temp Limit Usages Advantages Limitations



450 °C
  • General purpose for capillary columns
  • Suitable for FID and NPD
  • Recommended for high temperature and cool on-column applications
  • Easy-to-use stable seal
  • Higher temperature limit
  • Can be removed easily
  • Not for MS or oxygen-sensitive detectors
  • Soft, easily deformed or destroyed
  • Possible system contamination


(15%/85% or 40%/60%)

350 °C
  • General purpose for capillary columns
  • Recommended for MS and oxygen-sensitive detectors
  • Most reliable leak-free connection
  • Mechanically robust
  • Long lifetime
  • Not reusable
  • Flows at elevated temperature
  • Must re-tighten frequently



280 °C
  • Isothermal operation
  • Can be reused or removed easily
  • Excellent sealing material when making metal or glass connections
  • Mechanically robust
  • Long lifetime
  • Can be reused or removed easily
  • Leaks after temperature cycle
  • Flows at elevated temperature
  • Must re-tighten frequently

UltiMetal Plus Flexible Metal 

450 °C
  • Compatible with Agilent inlet and detector fittings
  • Suitable with MS interface using the swaging nut G2855-20555
  • Inert surface
  • Robust seal
  • Pre-swaged for precise height into fitting
  • Overtightening of stainless steel nut can damage fitting

Gold-plate Flexible Metal

  • Recommended for CFT backflush, effluent splitting, retention gap connections,  GC by GC, Dean switch, or LTM column connections
  • Increased softness to avoid O2 leakage via microscratches while providing inert connections
  • No retightening required
  • Long-term connections at high temperatures
  • Only for use with CFT devices