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Big Traps

Big Traps from Agilent

The purpose of gas traps is to remove detrimental impurities from carrier and detector gases. Constant exposure of capillary columns to oxygen and moisture, especially at high temperatures, results in rapid and severe column damage. The use of oxygen and moisture traps for the carrier gas may extend column life and protect the instrument. Any moisture or oxygen introduced into the gas stream due to a leak will be removed by the trap until it expires.

Part Number Short Description Material Pack Size Price Qty
BHT-4 Big Hydrocarbon Trap 1/4in Fittings Hydrocarbon 1
BMSR-1 Refill Big H2O Trap 1500cc Moisture Refill 1
BACR Refill Big Hydrocarbon Trap 1500cc Hydrocarbon 1
BMT-4 Trap Big H2O 1/4in Moisture 1
BMT-2 Trap Big H2O 1/8in Moisture 1
BHT-2 Trap Big Hydrocarbon 1/8in Hydrocarbon 1
BOT-4 Trap Big O2 1/4in Oxygen 1
BOT-2 Trap Big O2 1/8in Oxygen 1
  • Pressure: Up to 250 psig
  • 750 cm3 gas purifiers
  • Ideal for bulk purification applications or where several instruments are plumbed from a single gas source
  • One piece of heavy-walled aluminum tube eliminates potential leaks
  • Equipped with sintered stainless steel frits to prevent particulate contamination
  Capacity Efficiency
Big Moisture Trap 130 g H20 Reduction of H20 to less than 5 µg/L
Big Oxygen Trap 3 L O2 or 3.2 g Reduction of O2 to less than 1 µg/L
Big Hydrocarbon Trap 80 g of medium to heavy molecular weight hydrocarbons Reduction of C4 hydrocarbons to less than 15 µg/L
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