Liners and O-rings for Shimadzu GCs

Inlet Liners and O-rings for Shimadzu GC Systems from Agilent

Agilent inlet liners for Shimadzu GC systems provide the optimum environment for samples to be vaporized and mixed with the carrier gas in the inlet system. Agilent inlet liners deliver the perfect combination of liner configurations and chemistries to solve many application challenges with Shimadzu GC systems.

Choose from split, splitless, PTV, and other inlet liner designs, available with innovative Ultra Inert deactivation, or Agilent's popular original deactivation. Part and lot numbers are silk-screened onto all Agilent liners and so identification and re-ordering have never been easier.

Agilent fluoroelastomer or graphite liner O-rings for Shimadzu GC systems help to effectively seal the inlet liner. Fluoroelastomer O-rings are supplied ready for use and feature a proprietary two-step cleaning and conditioning process. This process eliminates outgassing of contaminants. Plasma treatment provides a nonstick, contaminant-free surface. A novel dial package also conveniently delivers one clean O-ring at a time. Graphite O-rings are used when operating inlet temperatures exceed 350 °C. Agilent's liner O-rings provide high performance inlet liner sealing in Shimadzu GC systems for a range of challenging applications.

Liners and O-rings for Shimadzu GCs

  • The perfect mix of liner configurations and chemistries to solve a wide variety of application challenges
  • Agilent Ultra Inert liners offer reproducibility, robustness, and reliability
  • Agilent Ultra Inert liners are delivered in Agilent's exclusive Touchless packaging
  • Agilent original deactivation is recommended for everyday analysis
  • Liners are sealed in the inlet with fluoroelastomer or graphite O-rings
  • Graphite O-rings are used when inlet temperatures exceed 350 °C
  • Fluoroelastomer O-rings are easier to replace than graphite O-rings, which deteriorate more readily under certain conditions