Ultra Inert Liners for Agilent GCs

Ultra Inert Liners for Agilent GCs

Agilent Ultra Inert liners are the perfect companion to Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC columns. They provide reproducible inertness liner after liner, maintained through a sequence of samples, and for a range of analytes. Agilent's Ultra Inert liners were developed – and are manufactured and certified – using a suite of tests specifically designed to ensure batch-to-batch uniformity.

  • Exceptional batch-to-batch liner uniformity
  • Low to no bleed or background contamination
  • Superior coverage, allowing use of glass wool even with highly active compounds

Only Ultra Inert liners are delivered in Agilent's exclusive touchless packaging with a pre-cleaned, conditioned and non-stick plasma treated O-ring pre-installed. Touchless packaging aids in removal of the old liner, and easy installation of the new, clean, preconditioned liner – without risk of contamination from touching.

Ultra Inert Liners for Agilent GCs

  • Consistent high level of inertness for greater sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility
  • Ultra Inert Split and Splitless liners, with and without wool for a wide variety of applications
  • Liners with inert wool retain non-volatiles, making trace level analysis of difficult active compounds easier
  • Unique touchless packaging, with pre-cleaned, chromatographically ready O-ring, minimizes risk of contamination from touching
  • Certificate of Performance, each Ultra Inert Liner deactivation lot is certified to ensure efficient, consistent coverage using both acidic and basic probes at trace (2 ng) levels on-column 
  • Compatible with Agilent GCs – Intuvo 9000, 7890, 6890 and even 5890.  Also available for GC systems from other manufacturers

Ensure a reliably inert flow path – with or without glass wool

Whether you are analyzing difficult, active environmental samples or screening for drugs of abuse, our Ultra Inert Inlet liners help ensure an inert GC flow path for higher sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility, especially at trace levels.

For samples that contain active or labile compounds, labs typically use liners without wool to prevent degradation or loss of active analytes. However, with Agilent Ultra Inert deactivation, liners with wool are recommended for no loss of sensitivity. The benefits provided by wool, such as homogeneous sample mixing and vaporation, non-volatile residue trapping, and column and detector protection, are gained without compromising detection of active analytes. Plus, Ultra Inert liners are more stable than liners with other deactivations. More samples can be analyzed before inlet or column maintenance is required when using Ultra Inert liners with wool.

Unequalled manufacturing and quality control deliver best-in-class liner deactivation performance

Agilent’s proprietary manufacturing process produces Ultra Inert liners that are rigorously tested and certified to ensure exceptional batch-to-batch uniformity, low (to no) bleed or background contamination, and superior coverage – even with highly active compounds. This rigorous process includes:

  • Lot testing to ensure reproducible deactivation coverage – and the stability of deactivation over time
  • QC testing with probes specifically chosen to reveal activity
  • A GC method that tests liner (not column or system) inertness
  • The elimination of contamination – a common side effect of manufacturing and packaging

Touchless packaging – an Agilent exclusive – eliminates o-ring hassles

Ultra Inert Inlet liners are delivered in pharmaceutical-grade PTEG tubing approved by GC/MS extraction testing. But what really sets Agilent’s packaging apart is a pre-installed O-ring that has been pre-cleaned, conditioned, and non-stick plasma treated. This unique touchless packaging allows you to quickly and easily install the new liner without searching for and installing the O-ring – saving time and improving productivity, without the risk of contamination from touching.