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Intuvo Gas Filter

Intuvo Gas Clean Filter Kit from Agilent

The Agilent Gas Clean Filter System delivers clean gases, reducing the risks of column damage, sensitivity loss, and instrument downtime. Inserting a Gas Clean Filter System in the gas line immediately before the instrument inlet greatly reduces the level of impurities, thus improving trace analysis. Contaminants entering your GC column will also be reduced, which is critical for high-temperature analysis and essential for longer column life. Clean gases are especially important for protecting the Intuvo Flow Path and getting the maximum lifetime out of your investment.

This kit comes with a specialized bracket to install the Gas Clean Filter System directly on the Intuvo GC.

Product only compatible with Agilent Intuvo system

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
CP17995 Intuvo Gas Clean Filter Kit
  • Includes Bracket, Connecting Unit, and Carrier 
  • Deliver clean gases for accurate analyses 
  • Fast, leak-free filter replacement reduces downtime
  • Highly sensitive filter indicators provide maximum instrument protection 
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