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Thermal Desorption Supplies

Thermal Desorption Supplies from Agilent

The analytical technique known as thermal desorption (TD) provides the ability to measure volatile contaminants in air, toys, building materials, car cabins, and food. When the TD systems from Markes International are combined with Agilent GC and GC/MS systems, the results meet current requirements with the sensitivity and dynamic range to meet future needs.

Markes International TD platforms allow analysis of single tubes, real-time air samples, and canisters with options for automated analysis. Markes has introduced several key technical advances that now set the standard for TD instrumentation. Agilent offers the supplies you need for your Markes Thermal Desorber.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
C-AT010C Air Toxics (TO-17) SS Tubes; 10pk 10
MKI-C-BIO02 BioVOC-2 Breath Sampler, 10pk 10
MKI-C-10LOK CapLOK Tool for Long-term Storage Cap, 10pk 10
MKI-C-CPLOK CapLOK Tool for Long-term Storage Cap, 1pk 1
C-TBP1C1C Carbograph 1 SS Tube for Pumped C5-C14
MKI-TC20-FLTR Carbon Filter TC-20 Cooling Fan 4pk 4
MKI-C-CHK10 Check Standard, BTX, IBMA, Dioctyl Phthalate, 10pk 10
MKI-U-T3ATX-2S Cold Trap Air Toxics C2-C14 UNITY 2
MKI-UTD-5064 Cold Trap Alignment Tool Markes Unity
MKI-U-T10CW-2S Cold Trap Chemical Weapons UNITY 2
MKI-U-T1KORI Cold trap empty for Kori-xr
MKI-U-T18325-2S Cold Trap EPA 325 UNITY 2
MKI-U-T13DHS-2S Cold Trap for DHS application Series 2
MKI-U-T11GPC-2S Cold Trap GP Carbon C4/5-C30/32 UNITY 2
MKI-U-T16GHG-2S Cold Trap Green House Gases UNITY 2
MKI-U-T1HBL-2S Cold Trap High Boilers C6-C40 UNITY 2
MKI-U-T12ME-2S Cold Trap Materials emissions UNITY 2
MKI-U-T17O3P-2S Cold Trap Ozone Precursor UNITY 2
MKI-U-T6SUL-2S Cold Trap Sulfur UNITY 2
MKI-U-T15ATA-2S Cold Trap TO-15/TO-17 air toxic UNITY 2
MKI-U-T22117-2S Cold Trap. China Air 117. Series 2/xr
MKI-U-T2GPH-2S Cold Trap. GP Hydrophobic. Series 2/xr
MKI-U-T14H2S-2S Cold trap. H2S. UNITY 2 & TD-100
MKI-U-TO15-KXR Cold Trap. Trace TO-15. Series 2/xr/Kori 1
C-BTX100NG CRS BTX standards 100ng 10pk 10
C-DF010 Diffusive Sampling Caps 10pk 10
C-GT010 Empty Glass TD Tubes 10pk 10
C-TBE10 Empty Stainless steel Thermal Desorption Tubes 10pk 10
5182-0946 Frit Sparger Kit with 5mL Fitting for Stratum and Velocity Purge & Trap Instruments
MKI-UTE-5099 FS Transfer Line 190cm PTFE Sleeve TD
C-HY010C General Purpose Hydrophobic Tubes SS
C-GAT010C Glass Air Toxics (TO-17); 10pk 10
C-G1CM10 Glass Tubes with 1cm Tenax 10pk 10
MKI-U-T2GPH Hydrophobic TD Cold trap UNITY 2/TD-100
G6500-60701 ITEX-II Tenax Trap TA 80/100 3 pieces
RMK-0003-2S Markes Online Systems Preventative Maintenance Kit
MKI-U-T9TNX-2S Markes Unity Series 2 Cold Trap Tenax
C-CHKME10 Material Emission Standard 100ng 10pk 10
C-TBME10 Material Emissions SS Tubes C4-C32 10pk 10
MKI-Z-0351 O-Ring extraction Tool, Markes Unity TDI
MKI-Z-0285 O-Ring insertion tool, Markes Unity TDI
MKI-U-COV10 O-Rings 010 Markes Unity 10pk 10
MKI-U-COV06 O-Rings Markes 6mm Cold Trap Seals 10pk Markes Unity Thermal Deorption 10
MKI-U-COV07 O-Rings markes 7mm Cold Trap Seals 10pk Markes Unity Thermal Deorption 10
MKI-U-T20PAM PAMS (VOC Ozone precursors) TD trap
MKI-U-DISK1 PTFE Filter Disks 5.1mm Markes Unity Thermal Desorption 10pk 10
MKI-U-DISK3 PTFE Filter Disks 6.3mm Markes Unity Thermal Desorption 10pk 10
C-PL010 PTFE Inserts 10pk 10
MKI-C-QSC10 Quick fit connectors, Markes Unity 10pk 10
MKI-UTD-5105 Sampling TubeTenax TA Markes Unity
MKI-MTD-1204 SilcoSteel Difflok Cap Markes Unity
MKI-SERUTD-5065 Split Filter Tube charcoal SS 3.5 in
MKI-MTD-1169 Stainless steel Difflok Cap Markes Unity 10pk 10
C-CF020 TD Tube Storage Caps Long Term
C-TNXTA Tenax TA 35-60 Mesh 10 Grams
C-102SSC Tenax/S carb Sulphur Tubes 10pk 10
C-TBP1TC Tenex SS TD Tubes Preconditioned/Capped
C-UN010C Universal SS Tubes 10pk 10
  • Quantitative sample recollection of all the split flows enables repeat analysis of critical samples, easy method validation, and overcomes the one-shot limitation of conventional TD systems
  • Electronic tube tagging (TubeTAG): RFID tube tags are available for industry standard sorbent tubes
  • Diffusion locking (DiffLok) for enhanced sample integrity and robust (mechanically simple) automation
  • Patented inert valving for compatibility with every TD application on a single analytical platform - ultravolatiles, semivolatiles (up to n-C40), plus reactive species - mercaptans, CS gas, and so forth - all on one TD system
  • Automated internal standard introduction onto blank as well as sampled tubes
  • Electronic pneumatics control (EPC) of carrier gas through the thermal desorber ensures consistent compound retention time independent of split flow
  • Electrically cooled sorbent trapping with uniquely fast trap heating rates for splitless capillary GC operation and optimum sensitivity without risk of ice formation
  • Offline conditioning for multiple tubes without the need to blank-off unused tube connections
  • Specialist sorbent tubes: Certified reference standards, SafeLok tubes, Silcosteel tubes
  • A range of unique sampling tools for measuring volatile and semivolatile organics in challenging matrices: such as liquids/solids/emulsions, in-situ soil, polymers, natural products, and construction products
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