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Syringes for Varian/Bruker GC Autosamplers

Syringes for Varian/Bruker GC Autosamplers from Agilent

Agilent's broad selection of syringes for auto injection provide everything you need for accurate and effective sampling. Agilent syringes meet all fit, form, and function criteria for use in Bruker GC systems. Count on Agilent to deliver more value in every autosampler syringe.

Part Number Short Description Needle Needle Gauge Type Material Length Volume (ml) Price Qty
8004-0001 10uL Syringe, Fixed Needle, 26 Gauge, 50mm Length, Bevel Tip, 1pk Bevel Tip 26 Fixed Needle 50 mm 10 uL
8004-0002 10uL Syringe, PTFE-tipped Plunger, Fixed Needle, 25 Gauge, 53mm Length, Side Hole Tip, 1pk Side Hole Tip 26 Removable Needle PTFE-tipped 53 mm 10 uL
8004-0005 10uL Syringe, PTFE-tipped Plunger, Removable Needle, 25 Gauge, 53mm Length, Side Hole Tip, 1pk Side Hole Tip 25 Removable Needle PTFE-tipped 53 mm 10 uL
8004-0003 10uL Syringe, Removable Needle, 26 Gauge, 50mm Length, Cone Tip, 1pk Cone Tip 26 Removable Needle 50 mm 10 uL
8004-0006 Replacement Needle, 25 Gauge 53mm Length, Side Hole Tip, for 10uL Syringe, 1pk Side Hole Tip 25 Needle 53 mm
8004-0004 Replacement Needle, 26 Gauge, 50mm Length, Cone Tip, 2pk Cone Tip 26 Needle 50 mm
8004-0007 Replacement Plunger, for 10uL Syringe, 1pk Plunger 10 uL
  • Lot number printed directly on the barrel with a corresponding Certificate of Conformance
  • Illuminating backing strip, for effortless viewing of the volume scale
  • Environmentally friendly packaging and improved design that reduces waste
  • Individually sealed packaging for contaminant-free use right out of the box

PTFE-Tipped Syringes have a precision-machined plunger tip that forms a tight seal and enables the tip to wipe the barrel’s interior free of sample during operation. This feature is particularly useful for viscous or heterogeneous samples, because it reduces deposits that can cause the plunger to freeze. 

Fitted Plunger Syringes feature a stainless steel plunger that is meticulously hand-fitted to its matching glass barrel, creating a liquid-tight seal. These syringes are ideal for homogenous samples that are not prone to precipitation or bonding with glass. Note: plungers cannot be interchanged or replaced if damaged.

Needle Gauge is the thickness of the needle. The gauge depends on the injector. When selecting a needle gauge, it is important to keep in mind the volume of the syringe and the dead volume of the needle.

  • Single Guage 26 (0.47 mm) - Suitable for packed column injector ports and split/splitless injector port

Needle Terminations are available in fixed or removable, with various tip styles:

Fixed (cemented)

  • Economical, reproducible injections for autosamplers
  • Preferred for applications requiring trace level samples
  • Recommended for use where probability of needle bending is minimal
  • Can be heated up to 70 °C


  • Versatile option for injections
  • Needle can be replaced if damaged or clogged
  • Allows needle to be changed for different applications
  • Can be heated up to 120 °C

Needle Tip Design

  • Cone Tip (HP Tip, Point Style AS) - Proprietary design required for Agilent autosamplers for optimal performance and reliability by reducing septum coring
  • Bevel Tip (Point Style 2) - General purpose; excellent choice for transferring liquids from ampoules or vials. For manual GC injections, a beveled tip is preferred for optimum septum penetration and to prevent septum coring.
  • Side Hole (Point Style 5) - Recommended for thin gauged septa or large volume injections
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