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Acclaim Organic Acid

Acclaim Organic Acid HPLC Columns from Thermo Scientific

The Acclaim Organic Acid (OA) is a silica-based reversed-phase column designed for high-efficiency, high-throughput organic acids analysis. It offers unparalleled performance for separating hydroxyl aliphatic and aromatic organic acids.

The Acclaim OA is the recommended column for determining small hydrophilic organic acids, C1 to C7 aliphatic acids, and hydrophilic aromatic acids. It is also valuable for the analysis and quality assurance of food and beverage products, pharmaceutical preparations, planting baths, and manufacturing chemicals, chemical intermediates, and environmental samples.

Part Number Short Description Internal Diameter Particle Size Pore Size Phase Type Length Price Qty
062902 Acclaim Organic Acid, 5um, 4 x 250mm 4.0 mm 5 um 120 A Organic Acid Column 250 mm
062903 Acclaim Organic Acid, 5um, 4 x 150mm 4.0 mm 5 um 120 A Organic Acid Column 150 mm
069700 Acclaim Organic Acid, 5um, 4.6 x 10mm, Guard Cartridge, 2/pk 4.0 mm 5 um 120 A Organic Acid Guard 10 mm
070086 Acclaim Organic Acid, 3um, 3 x 150mm 3.0 mm 3 um 120 A Organic Acid Column 150 mm
070087 Acclaim Organic Acid, 3um, 2.1 x 150mm 2.1 mm 3 um 120 A Organic Acid Column 150 mm
071987 Acclaim Organic Acid, 5um, 3 x 10mm, Guard Cartridge, 2/pk 3.0 mm 5 um 120 A Organic Acid Guard 10 mm
  • Tested to guarantee consistent hydrophilic organic acid separations
  • Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases
  • Hydrolytic stability at low-pH conditions
  • Ideal selectivity for separating a wide spectrum of organic acids
  • Excellent column efficiency and peak shapes for organic acids
  • Packed in metal-free PEEK column bodies to eliminate unwanted interaction between the analytes and the column body
  Acclaim Organic Acid
Phase Proprietary
Particle type Spherical, high-purity
Particle size 3, 5 µm
Pore size 120 Å
Surface area 300 m2/g
Carbon load 17%
Endcapped Yes
pH range 2 - 8 
Temperature <60 °C 
Aqueous compatibility 100% aqueous compatibility
Solvent compatibility Methanol, Acetonitrile 0 – 100%; Tetrahydrofuran 0 – 20%
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