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AdvanceBio Desalting-RP

AdvanceBio Desalting-RP Columns from Agilent

Affinity, ion exchange, and size exclusion chromatography are commonly used techniques in the analysis of proteins such as monoclonal antibodies. However, these techniques require aqueous mobile phases that contain non-volatile salts. These non-volatile salts present a problem when using MS detection as they cause signal suppression and can contaminate the MS detector through salt deposition leading to increased maintenance and instrument downtime.

AdvanceBio Desalting-RP cartridges solve this problem, enabling fast and efficient on-line removal of salt ions before MS detection. These cartridge style columns can be used on their own on any LC system to desalt collected fractions. Or on an Agilent 1290 Infinity II 2D-LC system as the second dimension to desalt after the first dimension separation.

Part Number Short Description Phase ID Length Price Qty
PL1612-1102 AdvanceBio DeSalting-RP 2.1 x 12.5mm 3pk AdvanceBio DeSalting-RP 2.1 mm 12.5 mm
  • Allow MS detection with traditionally non-MS friendly techniques such as IEX, SEC, and affinity chromatography
  • Save time by desalting your samples on-line
  • Concentrate samples prior to elution
  • Reduce down time and maintenance by keeping your MS cleaner
  • Improve overall data confidence by improving the quality of your data
  • Suitable for large biomolecules with a large 1000 Å pore size
  • pH stable from pH 2 – 13
  • Compatible with all commonly used reverse phase mobile phases
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AdvanceBio Desalting-RP User Guide (3.54 MB)

User guide for the AdvanceBio Desalting-RP cartridges

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Overview of the AdvanceBio Desalting-RP cartridges

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