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Agilent Amino Acid Analysis Columns

AdvanceBio columns from Agilent make it easier for your biotech lab to analyze amino acids and other small metabolites in spent cell culture media—with or without sample derivatization. Columns for both solutions are tested with amino acids to ensure quality and performance. Simply choose the workflow that suits your needs.

AdvanceBio Amino Acid Analysis kit for industry-standard LC/UV analysis

  • Get automated online derivatization of amino acids with reverse-phase LC separation and UV detection
  • Use any Agilent LC system
  • Minimize your investment in instrumentation and expertise

AdvanceBio MS Spent Media columns for fast, underivatized LC/MS analysis

  • Analyze amino acids and other cell culture metabolites with a single method: HILIC LC separation with MS detection
  • Eliminate the need to derivatize your sample
  • Use any LC/MS system
  • No need for baseline chromatographic resolution with MS detection

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