Zorbax StableBond

Zorbax Stablebond Capillary/Microbore HPLC Columns from Agilent

ZORBAX 80 Å StableBond columns are made using bulky, patented, unique silanes that sterically protect the siloxane bond. Acid labile endcapping reagents are not used. The result is vastly improved column life and extraordinary chemical and temperature stability in the pH 1–6 range for a wide variety of phases (SB-CN, SB-C8, and SB-C18). Excellent peak shape is expected for many basic compounds because of the ultrapure Rx-SIL support.

Stablebond is available with a 80 Å pore size for small molecule applications and a 300 Å pore size for biochromatography applications. Columns are available in 0.075 - 1 mm column ID, all fully compatible with LC-MS.

Zorbax StableBond

  • Longest column lifetime and best reproducibility for low pH separations - down to pH 1
  • Patented stable column chemistry allows use at high temperature and low pH without degradation
  • Different selectivity compared to conventional end-capped chemistries
  • High purity (Type B) silica for good peak shape
  • Exceptional stability and long lifetime at low pH with TFA containing mobile phases
  • Available in capillary and nano column dimensions for proteomics and other LC-MS applications
  • Highest sensitivity for your smallest sample sizes
  SB-C18 300SB-C18 SB-C8 300SB-C8 SB-CN
Pore Size 80 Å 300 Å 80 Å 300 Å 80 Å
Surface Area 180 m2/g 45 m2/g 180 m2/g 45 m2/g 180 m2/g
Temp Limits* 90 ºC 90 ºC 80 ºC 80 ºC 80 ºC
pH Range* 0.8 - 8 1 - 8 1 - 8 1 - 8 1 - 8
Endcapped No No No No No
Carbon Load 10% 2.8% 5.5% 1.5% 4%
USP Designation L1 L1 L7 L7 L10

* StableBond columns are designed for optimal use at low pH. At pH 6 - 8, highest column stability for all silica-based columns is obtained by operating at temperatures <40 ºC and using lower buffer concentrations in the range of 0.01 - 0.02 M