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HALO® Capillary Columns from AMT

A wide variety of phases for small molecule separations.

  • C18 - Excellent performance for broad range of analyte polarities
  • C18-AQ - Resistant to dewetting, making it 100% aqueous mobile phase compatible
  • C8 - Diverse analytes ranging from polar to non-polar
  • C30 - High shape selectivity for hydrophobic, long chain, structurally related isomers
  • Phenyl-Hexyl - Enhanced selectivity for aromatic compounds
  • Biphenyl - Complementary selectivity to alkyl phases
  • PFP - Enhanced selectivity for stereoisomers
  • ES-CN - More retention for polar analytes and much less retention for non-polar analytes
  • RP-Amide - Complementary selectivity to alkyl phases
  • HILIC - Can be used in HILIC and normal-phase modes
  • Penta-HILIC - Ideal for separation of highly polar compounds that are poorly retained in Reversed-phase

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