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Advanced Materials Technology Capillary/Microbore Columns

Advanced Materials Technology led the revolution in Fused-Core® particle technology with the development of the first commercially available sub-3 µm superficially porous particle (SPP) with the original HALO® 2.7 µm particle.

Column are available in capillary format with column IDs ranging from 0.075 mm to 0.5 mm:

    • HALO® 2.7 µm columns can meet or exceed the performance of most non-core sub-2 µm columns at pressures one-third to one-half the back pressure under the same conditions
    • HALO® 5 µm columns match the performance of totally porous 3 µm columns at roughly half the back pressure under the same conditions

    HALO® capillary columns are available in reversed-phase, HILIC and the BioClass range for protein and peptide applications.

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