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YMC Guard/cartridge Holders

Guard Cartridge Holders from YMC Europe GMBH

YMC offers various different guard cartridge holder concepts for UHPLC, analytical and semi-prep.

    YMC offer a UHPLC guard cartridge holder (XPCHUHP for 5 mm cartridges). The UHPLC holder has a zero-dead-volume direct connection to column to minimize the impact on separation. The guard cartridge holder is stable at high pressures up to 1000 bar (15,000 psi).

      The universal finger tight system is for all column internal diameters from 1 to 4.6 mm id (XPGCH-Q1 for 10 mm cartridges and XPGCH-Q2 for 20 mm cartridges). This system guarantees a low dead volume connection between the guard cartridge and the main column irrespective of the type of column fitting used. The guard cartridge holder gives leak-proof connection to the analytical column up to 420 bar (6,000 psi).

        YMC offers a specific integral guard cartridge holder (XPGCS-Q1 for 10 mm and XPGCS-Q2 for 20 mm length cartridges with 1, 2.1 3 or 4 mm inner diameters). This holder is screwed directly on the YMC cartridge column system in place of the removable end fitting (part numbers ending in QT). The guard cartridges are inserted in the holder cavity without the need to use any tools. These integral guard cartridge holders will not attach to columns with part numbers ending in WT or PT.

          For semi-prep columns several guard holders are available. As the holder for these cartridges feature Parker-compatible fittings (port depth 0.09 inch). It is essential that slip-free fittings are used or specially made stainless steel fittings with stainless steel capillaries are made up so that differences between Valco-compatible (port depth 0.08 inch), Parker-compatible (port depth 0.09 inch) and/or Waters-compatible (port depth 0.13 inch) column endfittings can be accommodated. Due to the higher flowrates involved in semi-prep and prep chromatography the use of PEEK capillaries should be avoided if possible. The part number of semiprep guard cartridges ends -CC. The part numbers for the guard cartridge holders are XPCHSPW1 (10 mm i.d.), XPCHSPW2 (20 mm i.d.) or XPCHSPW3 (30 mm i.d.).

Part Number Short Description Internal Diameter Type Length Price Qty
XPCHSPW1 External Guard Cartridge Holder for 10mm Guard Cartridges 10.0 mm Guard
XPGCH-Q1 External Guard Cartridge Holder to screw on Head for 10 x 1-4.6mm Guard Cartridges 1.0 - 4.6 mm Guard 10 mm
XPCHUHP UHPLC Guard Cartridge Holder for 5mm Guard Cartridges 5 mm
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