PL-Gel Mixed

PLgel MIXED HPLC Columns from Agilent

PLgel MIXED Columns

The PLgel MIXED family offers the simplest operation and troubleshooting for GPC analysis. MIXED columns eliminate the dislocations and warped peaks caused by stacking individual pore size columns. Every column contains rigorously tested mixture of individual pore size materials, blended to cover a specified broad range of molecular weight with a linear calibration. Simply add extra columns for even greater resolution.


The PLgel MIXED-LS series is a PS/DVB packing using an innovative proprietary suspension polymerisation technique to virtually eliminate nano-particle leakage.  A startling improvement is achieved immediately in the quality of light scattering data ontained with PLgel MIXED-LS columns in place of conventional GPC columns.  

The performance of PLgel MIXED-LS columns has been matched to PLgel 20 µm MIXED-A and PLgel 10 µm MIXED-B columns in terms of calibration, column efficiency, wide solvent compatibility and operating temperature.  MIXED-LS are also ideal for online viscosity detection, minimising the risk of capillary blockage, and can be used with regulare PLgel guard columns that are packed with rigid low pore size gels with no particle bleed.

PL-Gel Mixed

  • Simple operation and troubleshooting
  • Eliminate measurement errors caused by dislocations and warped peaks
  • Linear calibration curves offer quick visual identification of peaks, and simplified data processing

 PLgel MIXED Column Specifications


Linear MW Operating Range (g/mol)

Guaranteed Column Efficiency

Maximum Prssure

Maximum Temperature


2,000 - 40,000,000

> 17,000 p/m

150 bar (2175 psi)

220 ºC


500 - 10,000,000

> 35,000 p/m

150 bar (2175 psi)

220 ºC


200 - 2,000,000

> 50,000 p/m

150 bar (2175 psi)

150 ºC


200 - 400,000

> 50,000 p/m

150 bar (2175 psi)

150 ºC


up to 25,000

7.5 x 300 mm: > 80,000 p/m

4.6 x 250 mm: > 70,000 p/m

180 bar (2611 psi)

110 ºC


PLgel MIXED-LS Column Specifications

Column Linear MW Operating Range (g/mol) Guaranteed Column Efficiency
PLgel 10 µm MIXED-B LS 500 - 10,000,000 >35,000
PLgel 20 µm MIXED-A LS 2,000 - 40,000,000 >17,000


Column Selection Guide 

Application Area PLgel Column
Ultra high MW polymers PLgel 20 µm MIXED-A
PLgel 20 µm MiniMIX-A
PLgel 20 µm MIXED-A LS
High MW polymers and demanding eluents PLgel 10 µm MIXED-B
PLgel 10 µm MiniMIX-B
PLgel 10 µm MIXED-B LS
Mid-range MW applications, high resolution PLgel 5 µm MIXED-C
PLgel 5 µm MiniMIX-C
Condensation polymers and resins PLgel 5 µm MIXED-D
PLgel 5 µm MiniMIX-D
Low MW polymers PLgel 3 µm MIXED-E
PLgel 3 µm MiniMIX-E