PL Multisolvent

PL Multisolvent GPC Columns from Agilent

The PL Multisolvent family uses a revolutionary process to coat silica in a highly inert polymer. Columns separate polymers up to 100,000 Daltons in solvents ranging from water to tetrahydrofuran (THF) without secondary interactions. The silica backbone provides excellent resolution, with efficiency over 145,000 plates/meter, and eliminates degradation caused by solvent switching.

PL Multisolvent


Polymer coated silica: A GPC column breakthrough

  • Rigid silica backbone handles diverse solvents and solvent switching
  • Small particle size delivers speed and resolution
  • Polymeric coating eliminates MW inaccuracy due to secondary interactions




Column MW range (g/mol) (PEG/PEO) Efficiency (p/m) Max Temperature
PL Multisolvent 20 Up to 30,000 >145,000 80 °C
PL Multisolvent 30 3,000 to 100,000 >145,000 80 °C