PlusPore GPC/SEC Columns from Agilent

The PlusPore family offers a major resolution improvement over mixed medias and wider range than single pore columns. The presence of multiple pore sizes on each particle maximizes the separation efficiency while still offering a wide MW range with no dislocations. The high-efficiency small particles combined with the improved pore volume offer fast, high resolution GPC.

The range includes:

  • PolyPore - specifically developedto give unrivaled resolution for the analysis of polymers with broad molecular weight ranges
  • ResiPore - idealchoice for the analysis of resins and condensation polymers with complex molecular weight distributions that include oligomer content
  • MesoPore - specifically designed to provide optimum results in the analysis of prepolymers, i.e. polymeric materials with a large oligomeric component
  • OligoPore - developed from an innovative new media that exhibits significantly increased pore volumes compared to conventional low pore size GPC columns


  • Separation is maximized over 4 common MW ranges
  • Small particles and large pore volumes give very high resolution
  • High speed chromatography offers <6 min separations for common samples
Column MW range (g/mol) Typical efficiency (p/m) Max Temperature
PolyPore 200 - 2,000,000 >60,000 150 ºC
ResiPore up to 500,000 >80,000 110 ºC
MesoPore up to 25,000 >80,000 110 ºC
OligoPore up to 3,300 >55,000 110 ºC